Permanent makeup for eyebrows is becoming more and more popular across all beauty industry. Due to busy everyday lifestyle no woman wants to spend their precious time every morning penciling and coloring in their eyebrows. Nowadays, permanent makeup field has evolved to that extent, that it can present the most natural looking results without a fake look. Furthermore, besides looking natural it is also long lasting. This combination makes permanent makeup a perfect treatment for every woman. Desired look varies from hair stroke effect to shaded effect, or combination of the two, according to wishes of the client.

This course will provide all skills to shape and perform Ombre brows micro pigmentation on eyebrows to a different level, and give the artist optimum opportunity to provide the clients with a complete eyebrow treatment range to meet their needs.

When using Ombré brows shading technique it will result in gradient shaded eyebrow with no blocky effect, hence the results are very natural, however, more pigmented compared to hair stroke look. Shading technique is special as it allows to highlight certain areas of eyebrow more than others. We like to maintain beginning of the eyebrow and upper line less pigmented and soft compared to the lower part of eyebrow and tail. We also like to add pixel effect shading to the softer looking areas, such as beginning of brow and upper line. Pigment is gradually worked into the skin to avoid blocky effect , instead , creating dimension and volume for eyebrows. The results create a gradient powdered effect with no need to apply makeup on eyebrows every day.

Semi-permanent makeup is suitable for all skin types and ages.

Advantages of shading technique compared to hair strokes:

•Very gentle to the skin , suitable for all skin types (especially oily, aging skin, sensitive and thin skin)

•Causes very little discomfort for the client

•Can be combined with microblading or machine hair strokes

•Possibility to create eyebrows from extremely natural to bolder result by gradually building the colour intensity as per client’s wishes

•Can be used to cover previous permanent makeup

On this course you will learn about:

  • Health and safety
  • Skin anatomy
  • Colour theory
  • Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Pigments and pigment selection
  • Preparation of the shape
  • Correct pressure and depth of work
  • How to technically perform this procedure
  • Post-care and Pre-care

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