•Increase your income potential by providing an extremely in-demand beauty service
• Start your new career with exceptional skills and knowledge
•Continuous support
•Business essentials: Client record sheets, Waivers, Aftercare instruction sheets
•Advanced Premium Starter Kit to provide all the essential products and tools to start your career
•Phibrows artist title on completion of the course, unique artist logo, recognition on the Phibrows
artist map
•Opportunities to grow professionally


• Beginners in microblading
• People who want to improve and advance their microblading skills


Within the 2 face-to-face days, you have one practical and one theory day. After the 2 day course, we will continue to monitor your progress and give support in our online learning application CraftMaster Pro. CraftMaster Pro is our unique learning tool to support you further. The entireprogram consists of 12 levels of progress towards the microblading qualification supported by videos and lectures.

As a bonus , all our students will also have the possibility learning how to create combination brows with machine shading from online lectures.

CraftMaster Pro is the most advanced and modernised learning platform designed by the industries specialists to support our students after the 2 day course, because it is simply note enough time to mater this skill not in 2 day or 5 or 7 day time. We give our students up to 6 months to master this skill and work with confidence. Teacher and student communication is also monitored by academy, therefore any unprofessional communication and guidance is strictly prohibited. Another benefit is that student is allowed to wait for the teacher’s response only up to 48h by academy’s policy.

After 2-day course students receive a Certificate of attendance. PhiBrows artist’s certificate is not received by the end of the 2-day course. Phibrows artist certificate is obtained when students have demonstrated satisfactory work for:
1. drawing hair on a skin simulation
2. drawing symmetry on a live model
3. drawing hair on a live model.

Student has to pass 12 levels on Craft Master application:
Level 1 – shaping on paper (practice)
Level 2-8- hair stroke practice on latex
Level 9 – eyebrows shaping on model using symmetry app
Level 10-11 microblading on a model
Level 12 – theoretical exam (theory questions from the question bank)

Usually, it takes 2-3 months of constant and every day practice for someone to demonstrate satisfying skills in microblading, if a student will not spend enough time practicing it may take even longer.
We ask our students to have realistic expectations about learning and perfecting the skill of microblading as it is relatively difficult skill. Perfecting this skill will take a lot of practice and determination.

Communication with master Santa continues in a mobile application, where students show their work and get feedback from the master. Craftmaster Pro support is available for a period of 6 months. But master Santa will always stay within a reach even after 6 months period.

After certificate is issued (posted to home/business address), PhiBrows microblading artist is listed on PhiBrows global map: Once the certificate is issued, artist is included on the PhiBrows artist map

Day 1

09:00 Registration and signing of the contracts between Master and each student
09:30 Basic information about the course that would help the students to
have the realistic expectation regarding the training and mastering the
skill of microblading (duration of the course, support, obtaining
the Certificate etc.)
10:00 Introduction to Golden ratio concept and eyebrow shaping
11:00 Break

Day 1

11:15 Introduction to microblading tools
11:45 Practicing hair stroke patterns on latex
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Getting familiar with Craft Master
14:15 Health and safety, Contraindications, skin problems
15:15 Technical performance of microblading, pigment durability
16:00 Aftercare advice, instructions regarding retouch procedure
16:15 Break
16:30 Pigment selection
17:00 Questions and answers

Day 2

9:00 Positioning students in a group, setting up work stations
9:30 Group 1 working on a live model
Group 2 practicing on latex and dummy
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Group 2 working on a live model
Group 1 practicing on latex and dummy
17:30 Questions and answers
17:45 Delivering certificates of attendance


When it comes to choosing your career path, price isn’t everything, but it certainly helps to have a clear picture of your potential earnings.
In recent years, Phibrows has revolutionized eyebrow treatments to such extent that it has become one of the most popular semi-permanent beauty treatments.
The price of microblading relies on few factors: experience, location and competition. The more experienced you become the more you can charge for this treatment. You have a potential of increasing your price by £50 half a year, until you will become one of the most highly priced artists in your location. In highly competitive areas of the UK it will be harder for a beginner to charge high price for this service.
When it comes to location, for example, the average price in London is £375, but due to competition some treatments can be done as low as £225, and some top skilled artists can charge anything around £600-700. Average price across majority of the Uk is £315 including the retouch session.
The competition between artists is higher in major cities, for example, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham.
You can earn a very high profit on this treatment. The maximum cost of treatment, for example, including top aftercare products, using disposable tools but excluding overheads (rent, insurance
etc), is £16. This is the reason why it is called one of the most profitable treatments in beauty industry. To fully understand your earning potential, you also need to take into account low working hours. Once you have had 20-30 clients, you can expect to complete full procedure in 2-2.5 hours. In average microblading artist has 10-20 new clients every month and 10-30 maintenance sessions every month, which are charged as 60-70 % of the average price of initial session and take 1-1.5h to complete. Maintenance session will be needed every 12- 30 months.
Based on average across the Uk, you can earn £8,020 working 50-67 hours per month (15 new clients at £315, 20 maintenance procedures at £204.74, treatment cost totaling to £800). Along this job you can be even doing your second job or being a busy mummy, without even compromising your earnings.


When taking our course you will receive a free starter kit, which will last you for 50-80 clients.

Blade and Shade Disposable Tool 30 pcs
Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit 1 pc.
PhiBlade U 304 50 pcs
PhiWipes Asept 5 pcs
PhiWipes MakeUp Remover 5 pcs
Skin Candy After Care Balm 10mL 1 pc.
Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 10mL 1 pc.
Skin Candy Anti Shock 2 10 mL 1 pc.
Skin Candy Sun Sweat Protection After Care Cream 10mL 1 pc.
Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel 10mL 1 pc.
Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50 pcs
PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs
PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment 5mL 1 pc.
Stroke Marker 10mL 1 pc.
PhiGlow Holder 1 pc.
BB Compass 1 pc.
Scissors and Tweezers 1 pc.
Mirror 1 pc.
Sunglasses 1 pc.
PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set 2 pcs