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Phi Blade & Shade tool includes the following additions:

-304 U Blade used to create crisp and ultra natural microblading strokes.

– 3R Shading Blade used to achieve subtle and realistic effect of shading with ease and precision

– Pigment ring with blade cleanser. Slide the blade through the specially angled slant to clean the pigment from the blade when necessary.

-Applicator tip, with uniquely angled edges in order to reach every single stroke during the product application , applying the mask more effectively.

This disposable tool will help you create the ultimate best brow look and all that with ease

In stock

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Phi Blade & Shade disposable tool is the ultimate necessity to create a flawless brow look. Extremely lightweight with an easy hand grip it provides highest precision and control.

The tool includes everything necessary to create fine and crisp natural like strokes, followed by a subtle shading effect for the perfect dose of dimension and uniquely shaped accessories that will significantly improve the efficiency of the procedure.

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