PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5ml – 2pcs

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Is one of the three basic colours that can be used to get brown shades for eyebrow drawing.

– Yellow is used to get lighter tones if it is dominant in the mixture with black and red.

– When mixed with red (2 Yellow: 1 Red), we get Orange pigment that can be added to the intended pigment if we are working over old grey microblading.

– When mixed with black (2 Yellow: 1 Black), we get Olive shade. We add Olive to the intended pigment if we are working over old reddish microblading.

– If we want to make grey colour warmer, one month after healing we can go over the strokes with Orange shade.

– Yellow can also be used as a mask after the treatment. In this way we make the fresh colour that is very dark less intense during the first 7 days.

contains 2 pieces of 5ml pigment


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